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Trevor and Krista

Our journey together began a little over 6 years ago. Five of those years we were in bondage to the darkness and corruption of the world, consuming ourselves with drugs, alcohol, violence and deception.

Randall Ashenbrenner

Of all my childhood experiences one emotion dominates my memories more than any other fear. I was afraid of the cold, dark world I lived in. I was afraid I would not make it through the trials of life that I was sure were coming. Most of all, I was afraid of being alone. As a result I became codependent upon my mother and older siblings.

Pastor Erin and Rosie Winemiller

When we seek to have our lives restored, sometimes the Lord makes it very clear what changes need to be made, and sometimes He reveals the changes to us over time. Watch and listen as Pastor Erin and Rosie remember how God worked over time in their lives both individually and as a family. They are great examples of Gods unrelenting grace even when they were prone to wander.

Cindy Avery

I spent 32 years of my life trapped in bondage to meth and alcohol, along with the life style that goes with it. I bought into the lie satan fed me, that getting loaded and living that lifestyle was fun and exciting and all it lead to was destruction. Drugs robbed me from my family, my job, my home, my marriage and almost my life. Any and every relationship I had, it was destroyed. Jn 10:10 says, “The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy…

Rene Fuentes

I grew up in a La Puente, California. I’m the middle child of three. Having two working parents, growing up, made it easy to get into trouble. I was 14 years old, when I first tried ecstasy. It made me feel exactly what the word means (An over whelming of great happiness or joyful excitement). I began to use crystal meth, alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana.

I dropped out of school when I was 17. My father put me to work in the labor Union. I was making good money for a young person. I had a nice truck, and life seemed to be good. I continued to really party hard, which led to two DUI’s. I lost my job and my truck…

Spencer Erb

I grew up in Lake Elsinore, Ca and was brought up in a christian upbringing. However, once adolescence hit, I was led astray by music, and partying. I later came to realize I allowed myself to be led astray and used partying as an excuse. The more and more I tried to stay sober on my own, the harder I fell back into my sin. I spent 14 years of my life Raving, believing their motto, “Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.” Finally, coming to the conclusion that none of these principles work without being held together by the glue of Jesus…